You Can Call Me Owl

Ask me anything   This is also the name of my one-man Paul Simon ukulele cover band.

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While planning the Sabbat I found this option for games

This rural “sport” was a widespread form offighting, especially popular with carters as a means of settling arguments. (A carter is a person who drives a cart; carters typically have a reputation for being boisterous and…

Well considering I almost always end up with bruises after drinking because I think “sparring” with my friends is a good idea (it usually devolves into me running away and then sneak attacking later), I fully endorse shin-kicking as my new drunken sport.

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Everyone who has ever owned a cat knows exactly this feeling, right here. It’s like the cat thinks that if they go slow enough you won’t noticed. But you do. And you are DONE.

oh my fucking god


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